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Think global. Act local. Now.

A dirty-hands lab to regenerate our soil heritages and cultures through art, play
and experimentation.

Sustainable action must take place locally.
We work towards overcoming the great knowing-doing gap.

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Soil X Art X Science, 2022 edition

๐Ÿ“… 03.11.2023, 13.45 โ€“ 15.00

๐Ÿ“ Eventforum Bern, Fabrikstrasse 12, 3012 Bern

Sustainability Science Forum 2022: Shaping Research for our Future

Workshop: How can the arts touch people, and be an inspiration for the sciences?

Impact: 25 scientists from ages 25 to 40 representing 10 universities from across Switzerland

Soil reflects a society: what it is made of through the food, things it grows and eats from it; it reveals the community of non-human beings, how they connect and how they are meeting the climatic conditions. Reflection by a participating scientist
November 2022, we were invited to co-host a parallel session at the Sustainability Science Forum by the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT). This annual event gathers the countryโ€™s leading scientists to address the future of research for sustainable development. This yearโ€™s theme was: How can science evolve to most effectively support societal change towards sustainability?

In a co-creation between our scientist Eric Pinto (PhD) and artist Alisha Dutt Islam (student MA Fine Arts), we explored together with 25 scientists: How can the arts touch people, and be an inspiration for the sciences? Curiosity, experimentation and interest in transdisciplinary collaboration were the basic principles to engage in the workshop.

As active practicioners in breaking through established silos, we opened an experience-based session to collectively explore the value of soil and our emotional connection to it. Starting out from an individual reflection on oneโ€™s own connection to soil as a scientist, we quickly got hands-on to dig into, share a personal message, and care for a healthy pile of soil full of life, which was the central actor throughout.