terravibe: flüstern aus der erde

Think global. Act local. Now.

A dirty-hands lab to regenerate our soil heritages and cultures through art, play
and experimentation.

Sustainable action must take place locally.
We work towards overcoming the great knowing-doing gap.

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Explorative. Participatory. Hands-on.

             What are we becoming in the transformations of the twenty-first century?
            How can we co-evolve with the territories in which we live, rather than
           destroy them?
          To find these answers, each of us must learn to listen to others and pay
         attention to the ground beneath our feet.
                                                                                                Brian Holmes, Estudio Nuboso

Terravibe is a gentle yet powerful whisper from the soil below thatreminds us we rely on the Earth. It inspires hope, agency, and actionduring times of transformation and uncertainty, impossible to ignoreonce experienced.In all our activities we pay special attention that many voices will beincluded, particularly focusing on people with a migration background, youth, and seniors. We aim to provide a setting for a highly participatory praxis: It is import-ant to us that every person who wants to take part is welcome to join.

Our project has three main goals. Firstly, we aim to tap into the collective intelligence of the city and support local life-affirming initia-tives, both existing and new. Secondly, in these uncertain times, we want to overcome indifference and inspire a senseof agency, bridg-ing the knowing-doing gap. Lastly, we seek to identify and explore concrete opportunities for collaborative, regenerative action that willbenefit all inhabitants of the city and promote thriving communities.


In 2023, we’ll conduct a series of events to move from awareness to action, drawing on research on system transformation, neurophysiology, and our own expertise from art, design, and ecology.

Visualisation of Terravibe's Iceberg Theory

_Soil art installations: to raise awareness and spark curiosity inpublic spaces. People will get introduced to the topic and the projectby lifting soils normally hidden below our feet into people’s eyesight &attention.

_Soil dialogue series: to explore how soil sustains our lives an well-being. Our aim is to bring together different perspectives, ex-pertise, and wisdom from various sectors as the basis for integrated solutions.

_Soil learning labto establish a community of learning, teachingand sharing about our relationship to ourselves, soil and nature.Together we gain the capacity to deal with our increasingly complexenvironment and challenge

_Soil stories & festival: documenting personal and collective sto-ries and experiences that inolve soil and finding common groun through a digital community space. As the culmination of this year-long journey, we’ll host a “celebrate soil” festival during the summer to bring together our growing community.