terravibe: flüstern aus der erde

Think global. Act local. Now.

A dirty-hands lab to regenerate our soil heritages and cultures through art, play
and experimentation.

Sustainable action must take place locally.
We work towards overcoming the great knowing-doing gap.

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Vandana Shiva

📅 18.06.2023, 10:00 – 17:00

📍 Theatersaal Spirgarten, Lindenplatz, Zürich

A Day with «The Seeds of Vandana Shiva»

Market Stand: Soil health & the city, by Terrabiom & Terravibe

Impact: 220+ visitors
4 generations, from toddler to grandfather
10+ promising connections for further collaboration

 “humble, humidity, human: they all go back to the same root – humus. We forget that we ARE soil. It is our highest honour, and our greatest choice, to work in humble service for mother Earth.”

“Switzerland is a special place: You have a direct democracy. You must not allow your direct democracy to be reduced to a mere subject of lobbying. Please, defend your freedom for the freedom of people and life around the whole planet. You have a special role to play: don’t let us down.” Vandana Shiva

For the day-long event “A day with the Seeds of Vandana Shiva”, we were invited to host a market stand and present our work for soil health, celebrating diversity and stewarding biocultural heritage in Zürich amongst the “market of solutions”. We found ourselves within an impressive crowd of partners working for soil health & social justice, including the Kleinbauern Vereinigung Schweiz, the World Future Council, or ETH Systemic Design Labs. To bring our soil hills to the unique, international crowd who travelled to Zürich for the day, our artist Alisha created a portable micro-version of our zoilhill pyramid.

«A Day with the Seeds of Vandana Shiva» was a tribute to the matroness of the World Ethic Forum, the Indian scientist and activist Dr. Vandana Shiva. It was a tribute to her deep connection to nature and to her lifelong commitment to agriculture and food, to free seeds and biodiversity, and in particular to women. Last fall 2022, to mark her 70th birthday, her biography and a new film premiered. We were pleased to continue the tribute to her work with this day event, to present the film and to enter into a great open conversation with the audience.

The participatory afternoon aimed to create connections between people with different attitudes who are working and thinking with and on the vitality of the earth. The issues are urgent, from the expiring GenTech moratorium and the new technologies that are already creating «faits accomplis» under the radar to the need to negotiate regenerative agriculture with the entire political spectrum.

This time of exchange was about sharing and empowerment, about connections, about information and inspiration. And about friendship. With each other and with the Earth.

At the end of the day, we wrapped up our table with full hearts and souls, and a long list of people who had expressed their interest in Terravibe’s work. Thank you for the weaving and for the inspiration.